Rock Around the World ~ Mexican Onyx

Welcome to our new Series, ROCK AROUND THE WORLD!  Just for fun, we will highlight a few of our favorite stones from a part of the world.


10 photos, a blurb or two, links to more.

Short. Simple. Awesome.  RIGHT!?!

{Yeah, we think so too}


Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 8.56.54 AM



Velluto ~ Red Onyx ~ Canyon




Mexican Onyx is a name given to a fine-grained variety of calcite formed in caves and waterfalls. The material forms in a number of different colors and is sometimes dyed. Since calcite is dissolved with hydrochloric acid, pieces are often given their final polish by immersing them in acid. ~ The Crystal Cache






Verde ~ Green ~ Baja ~ Fantastico

Insider Tip: Since onyx is soft and calcium-based, be very aware of all acids. Both cleaning and natural.  Be sure your onyx is properly sealed as well. This will assist in maintaining the longevity of your material.



Pina ~ Dragon


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{Basically, we want to spoil you.}


 *Photo Credit: stone contact, payanini, alibaba


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