A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Stone

Ok, so ALL stones are perfect, or NONE of them are.  It depends on if you are a “half full” or “half empty” kind of person.


We say, “they are all uniquely perfect, for the right person and the right application.”

The Perfection of Stone can ONLY be attained when it looks and performs as expected.

The way to achieve Perfection for your project starts with knowing WHAT to ask and WHO to ask.

{That’d be us}


Here are 5 questions we would start with…

1} What is the location of the stone?  Some stones can only be used in warm climates or only interiors. Others are dense enough to be used for exterior applications and in colder climates.

2} What finish options are available? Each finish has its pros and cons. We’ll talk more about your options soon. There are many, probably more than you think!

3} Will the stone be installed in a high traffic area?  If using stone on the floor (such as tile) you must ask if the area will have high traffic and/or in public spaces. Softer stones are not good for commercial high traffic areas.   In time they will pit and wear.

4} What are your safety concerns?  Wet stone is slippery, especially when polished.  We highly suggest consulting an expert to ensure your stone will be safe for your application. {That’d be us}

5} What are your maintenance concerns?  This one seems obvious to most but you would be surprised how often we see “bad” stone due to poor maintenance or the lack of education before installation. We don’t like to hear stories of you getting calls from clients who are unhappy with their stone.


 {Use us, that is what we do.  We help you!}



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