5 Tips of Preventative Maintenance for your Wood Floors

We’re committed to guiding you through the process of not only selecting the best product for your project, but also to helping you maintain hardwood floors that will last a lifetime — and beyond. We’ve put together five guidelines to help you extend the life and preserve the natural beauty of your custom wood floors.


  1. Clean Routine: One of the easiest maintenance tips to preserve the quality of your floors is to get into a routine. Like any household chore, maintaining clean habits on a day-to-day basis keeps the maintenance duties from piling up. One of the easiest steps in preventative maintenance is to sweep up dust and dirt daily. This not only prevents scratching, but significantly reduces allergens in the home.
  2. Sharp Thinking: Minimize the number of sharp objects interacting with your floor. High heels and pet nails are common sources of damage to hardwood floors. By keeping your pet’s nails trimmed and removing high heels at the front door, you’re already extending the life and quality of your floor by leaps and bounds.
  3. Bright Ideas: Direct UV sunlight exposure can fade the color of hardwood floors. By adjusting blinds and shades during the peak hours of the day, you can preserve the color of your floor as it ages. Additionally, periodically rearranging furniture will help the colors of the floor age evenly.
  4. Prevention Inventions: Use floor protectors under your furniture to prevent scratches, scuffs, and burns. Dragging any large piece of furniture across your floor will likely damage your floor.
  5. Fast Action: Respond quickly if something is spilled on your wide plank wood floor. Promptly remove any spills or messes with a clean, white cloth or paper towel to avoid any lasting effects. Take care to use only proper surface cleaners to keep your floors in their best condition.


Our wood floors are innately durable, hard, and resistant to allergens such as dust and debris. Nonetheless, it’s always important to practice consistent, careful care maintenance so that your floors will perform at their best long-term.



  1. You made a good point about how minimizing the number of sharp objects that comes in contact with my hardwood floor can keep it in good condition. I thought that it was odd when I saw a few nicks in my floor until I read this information about how high heels can affect my flooring. Stilettos are a staple in my wardrobe, so I’ll make sure to avoid wearing them when walking on my hardwood floor to prevent additional nicks in it in the future. Thanks for the tips!

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