Mind.Full Connections is excited to announce that we are now the Agency representing Duralee Contract in Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota!

Duralee demonstrates innovation through long-lived product lines synonymous with quality and in the empire that continues to be built. The firm’s three main fabric divisions—Duralee, Highland Court and Suburban Home—offer variously priced lines targeted at a diverse customer base, achieving the perilous balance between the informal and the chic and producing product that is destined to reside in million dollar mansions as well as someone’s first home.

Duralee caters to the nuances essential to interior designers, and does so with a complete lack of flash or pretense. No one is averse to answering phones or attention to detail. It is not uncommon for the voice on the other end of the line to be that of Lenny Silberman himself. The two-story company headquarters in Bay Shore, NY, as modest and unassuming as the staff, belies Duralee’s position as a major mover and shaker in the creative class from New York to Los Angeles. Self-satisfaction is the enemy of creativity, so perhaps the anything-but-smug attitude from the top down is no surprise.
Duralee Fine Furniture and many Duralee fabrics fly under the tagline “Made in the USA” and assiduously are. The company also imports from more than 45 countries. From the modest one-room office, the company has grown to include warehouses and factories in Bay Shore, NY, and Morganton, NC, 12 corporate showrooms, 70 agent showrooms nationwide, and 41 international agent showrooms, including a presence in emerging markets. That boils down to over 26,000 SKUs of fabrics, thousands of furniture SKUs and hundreds of employees.

Future efforts continue to focus on developing original product, along with utilizing emerging technology in an effort to enhance its already exceptional customer service. A company built on the foundations of customer service continues to support its expanding product lines by friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives and one of the industry’s most extensive networks of professional sales representatives. Typical of the company’s design legacy, Duralee deftly merges the contradictions of a family-run and oriented business and an established brand with the progressive cultivation of new and emerging design talent and ideas. The company sees these times as the beginning of a new era, another opportunity for huge optimism, clear thinking and ultimately renewed creativity in the design industry as a whole.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 3.33.05 PM

Contact us for samples, pricing & to register your project.


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